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Luke Lautaret - Lead Vocals, Guitars

Luke Lautaret with Marshall Catch
Luke Lautaret first entered this world sometime in the early 80s; exact details are somewhat sketchy due to a partially successful cover-up, but we do know that the tragic event involved a comically oversized gallstone (by all accounts still the record-holder in Buffalo County, Nebraska), 10 uncut sheets of industrial grade sandpaper, and his parents’ Eastern European pool boy, Horvath. Needless to say, the shame felt throughout the community in the aftermath of Luke’s birth was too great for his family to bear, and they were forced to relocate to northwest Montana upon hearing an unfounded rumor that television had not yet reached this part of the continent, and the people here “just wouldn’t know.”
Upon finally receiving an “acceptable” gender assignment surgery (not reassignment; he hadn’t received one in the first place), Luke was enrolled in elementary school. Sadly, his notoriety at capturing, training, and then unleashing ill-tempered feral pigeons upon his unsuspecting classmates forced his parents to place him into 17 years of homeschooling; his siblings, now ostracized and shunned due to Luke’s behavior, were soon to follow. Tensions between them would reach a fever pitch that same Thanksgiving, leading to the creation of Luke’s least favorite holiday tradition, an obscene activity largely based upon a liberal and malicious redefining of the term “pigeon-holing.”

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Luke took up playing guitar after dropping out of homeschool, originally as a method of keeping his fingertips “roughed up” throughout the year to offset the eventual pain he would have to endure during pigeon-holing. His life would soon change forever, though, as he one day discovered the inspiring life story of William Hung. Deciding that he too had his own voice and a message in his heart for the whole world, Luke would follow in his idol’s footsteps within the year. He successfully auditioned as the lead singer for a polka-infused Mariah Carey tribute band, but upon meeting several kindred spirits cleaning up after a particularly violent concert, he was convinced that he should finally start his own band. Two weeks and several thousand dollars in bail money later, Marshall Catch was officially born.
For the last few years, Luke has spent much of his free time tormenting and bullying Tyler in response to his love of cats and fish, often sending him anonymous emails containing nothing but a crudely animated cartoon of a cat and fish each mouthing poorly disguised recordings of Luke’s voice making disparaging comments about the size of Tyler’s head. In retaliation, at a stop in Powell, Wyoming during the summer of 2015 tour, Tyler handed him a bag of salmon flavored cat food as a joke while walking through a grocery store. Confronted with both animals at once, Luke began to panic and quickly fell into a blubbering mass on the floor in the middle of a confused sales rush, publicly admitting between gasps that he has been living a lie, and in fact has a hidden shrine in his apartment consisting of a massive, three-wall fish tank where he spends hours each night dressed in a slightly moist cat suit, pawing at the fish through the glass. Since this incident, Tyler has refused Luke’s continuous invitations to come over and “watch the fish.”
Competition with Tyler is a running theme in Luke's relationship with the band as a whole, with the two of them often trading quotes from the cartoon Metalocaplypse for hours at a time. Tyler naturally takes on the role of Swisgaar, and Luke personifies Toki. Sometimes concerts have started significantly later than scheduled because the two of them are physically unable to get out of character until they have recited the entire episode in question before joining the rest of the band onstage. Luke's pedalboard has far more pedals than Tyler's, but that is primarily because he just "likes to look at the colors while performing."
Religiously speaking, Luke is, technically, a heretic. He IS, however, quick to point out that there is no official registry for such people so he is unsure how much weight the accusation really holds. "I spoke with a couple of Catholic people back in February," said Lautaret, "...And they were unaware of my status as a heretic. So apparently the Vatican is either behind on their paperwork, or they just didn't get the Protestant memo. So maybe I am only a heretic in certain Protestant circles." In any event, his religious standing does not seem to impact his ability to forget song lyrics, which is arguably most of what he does onstage, anyway.
Luke's best friends growing up were a horse named Gunther that later turned out to be a haybale that his father had painted eyes on, and a Sony Walkman with a copy of "The Judd's Greatest Hits" inside, stuck on Side B.
In the spring of 2013, Luke was made aware of two nuggets of deeply-rooted family history which changed his life forever and served to correct years of what he had initially deemed "unnatural leanings." The first being that his family, through an old aunt named Hallie, owned and operated a Brothel in Kentucky back in the 1960's before several of them moved west to escape the Moonshining and card-sharking activities of the rest of the family. "So many dots connected" mused Luke upon finding out the truth, and history behind his various proclivities, "I just realized I was BORN to be the way I was. For a Moonshiney, Woman-Loving reason. Maybe even lots of reasons."
As the primary songwriter for Marshall Catch, Luke only knows three chords, so all his songs are essentially the same song with slightly different words, which he frequently forgets. In the studio, Tyler records all of Luke's album parts because Luke is usually distracted by all the shiny lights and knobs in the control room. The band has been kicked out of several studios for what the engineers euphemistically refer to as "Luke's Bad Manners." After trying unsuccessfully to hide a gerbil named Abraham inside a $7,000 microphone in order to surprise the engineer and "inject a sense of realism" into the recording, Luke and the band were unceremoniously ejected and forced to look elsewhere for a studio that would help them finish the album the band is currently working on.

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